Module 1

Welcome to the new Age

Our original party leaves the city of Kerbol's Hollow after completing their task. Jubilant with surviving the werewolf attack, they let their guard down on the journey home. Halfway there, the party is ambushed at first by the sole survivor of the first bandit attack. A battle commences, and the party feel confident in their new abilities. Little do they know, the bandit has also been getting ready. 

An entire squadron of bandits, nearly twenty men, descend upon the party. While fighting for their lives, three of our friends fall at the hands of the bandits. The sole survivor, Dra'Jhad the Khajiit, is able to flee south and begins a long run away from the bandits who are determined to bring his body back to hang. He's finally able to slip their trail, for now, by hiding in the dingiest portion of the southernmost port of High Rock; Daggerfall. 

With the constant threat of discovery around him, Dra'Jhad one night overhears a Bosmer named Lidell speaking with a strong Nord warrior. After the original conversation goes south and the Nord storms away, Dra'Jhad approaches and inquires about the task. He learns that Lidell aims to enter Coldharbour and reclaim the soul of his lost love. Although he says that there is a high chance they'll never return, the 40,000 gold offered as a reward is more than enough for Dra'Jhad.

They gather the rest of their crew, a Breton named Rowley and an Altmer named Kornnil. Rowley is a pirest of Arkay and would be the only other person joining Dra'Jhad and Lidell to Coldharbour. Kornnil is the navigator to what they expect to find deep in the Abecean Sea: a swirling vortex in the sea which leads to the plane of Coldharbour. 

A swift journey and they arrive at their destination, having to pass through an arcane storm beyond measure to reach their goal. When they arrive, the sea is calm all the way up to the swirling whirlpool. Kornnil wishes them luck and Dra'Jhad, Lidell, and Rowley set out in a rowboat to the portal. Soon, the current takes them and swallows them whole. The last thought they have is the cold darkness of the waters. 

The three then awake on a strange beach. The beach is made of pebbles which are brown, black, and rough. Muck oozes between them, sticky and slimy. The water that laps at their feet, washing pieces of their rowboat onto the shore, is brackish and dark. When they turn their attention to the sky, they see huge waves of fire and clouds. Similar to a lava flow through the sky. With a sense of terror amongst them, the three know they've reached Coldharbour successfully. 

Unexpectedly, two strong souls who haven't yet lost their form see the three figures and their craft suddenly appear on the beach, out of thin air. After a tense moment, the two groups approach one another and we learn these two souls are new relative new comers to the island. One is a Redguard named Jethro and the other an Orc named Borkat. A small talk begins and the souls are eventually added to Lidell's party, where he hints that he may be able to return them to Tamriel.

They set off for the closest town, whose borders can be seen from the road above the beach. It goes by Ka'Say'ator, and upon entering, they find a bizarre sight. Instead of the torture Lidell expects, it seems this town continues life after death, with the soul figures maintaining their material realm lives. The party heads to the closest bar in the Threshold District of the city, and chats up the barkeep. They learn life goes on here, but the island is devastated every so many years by natural disasters. They also learn that the island is due for one of these events here soon. 

While talking, they're approached by a weathered Redguard who claims to have been on this island for at least ten lifetimes. He explains at the end of life, the soul is reborn again, possibly weaker if one's will isn't strong. He informs them that if they wish to find the most previous and tortured souls, they'll need to go to the fort to the south of the island: The Edge. This is where it's rumored that a single Sload, a sluglike creature that comes from islands west of Tamriel, rules the island in liue of Molag-Bal. 

Accepting this, the party heads east along the main road towards the capital city of Riverhold. From there, they can head south to The Edge and confront the Sload. Not long after they leave the town, they encounter the Lonely River. Wide and swift, a single covered bridge looks to have served as the single crossing point. As they draw closer, the party then realize the bridge has collapsed, leaving only the shell on each side of the river. 

Needing to cross, the party attempts to swim. The soul forms move across the water first without harm. When the physical form of Lidell tries to enter the water, he finds that the river water seems to disintegrate the very clothing from his body. It's confirmed this is the case with another test, and the party rigs up a rope system to link the two bridges. Ferrying the gear across, the live members of the party are left naked to swim across the river. All do so successfully, except for Lidell, who takes a mouthful of the water as he crosses. 

HIs body falls limp and begins to sink, as Jethro jumps in to saves the Bosmer. With the help of the others, he's able to take the corpse back to land. Unfortunately, it seems the water did more if consumed and Lidell is knocked unconscious. The party waits and he slowly comes around, but isn't able to form words. Deciding that Riverhold might be the best way to leave Coldharbour now that their mission had been jeopardized by the loss of Lidell, the party sets off towards the forest that separates the east and west of the island. 


Dillan Dillan

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