Session 3

Entry through the Ruins!

With the bones of ancient skeletons standing around them, the party decides to move farther into the elven ruins. They approach a stone fortress on the other side of a courtyard and forcefully make their way inside, kicking the door open. They surprise a group of bandits who are using the ruins for a base. After an interesting battle, where a rabid man tackles and tries to consume Rufia, the party emerges victorious. They hear a large creature of sorts in a back room and decide that maybe the ruins aren't really what they were looking for. They leave the way they came in and travel back to the main road.

Not long after, they emerge on the edge of the entrance to the village of Kerbol's Hollow. A bridge leads across to a cave, with a smoky fire burning near there. To their left, a path follows a cliff side trail along a creek. They see a waterfall at the beginning of the creek, and know this is a passageway into The Hollow, without passing the guards. With the help of Dar'Jee, they make their way to the waterfall and find an underground passageway. It's flooded with water, so they swim through and emerge in a cave. 

The cave is huge, with a rickety rope bridge spanning a chasm easily fifty meters across. Below, the creek from earlier flows swiftly before disappearing into the cliffs. The party gingerly makes their way across the bridge and find a crumbling, stone building on the opposite side. They follow a small staircase up to a wooden door. Dra'Jhad is able to hear rattling on th other side and they prepare themselves for battle. 

In a battle where the skeletons outnumber the party, they push through the odds and manage to emerge victorious. Both mages and melee fall to their wrath and, once done, they find the old barracks room they had entered is actually part of an old tower. They find a map of the Hollow in one of the chests in the room, although it is crude and not well marked. Peeking outside the tower, they see the the valley of the Hollow is bathed in night, with a village visible in the distance. Deciding to rest, they keep guard and will make the trek to the village in the daylight. 


Dillan Dillan

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