Session 2

Back on the road!

After resting for the evening at the local Anchor's Point tavern, or in the Bjoulsae river in the case of Dar'Jee, the party awakens rested on the second day of their adventure. The party reunites in the taproom of the inn, where Andrew, the bartender from the the night before, informs them that he does indeed have info of Ignar Red-Mane. He informs the party that they are heading east towards Kerbol's Hollow, in the guise of guards for a traveling merchant. In exchange for the information, he asks the party to investigate the strange disappearances happening in the Hollow. The party agrees, leaving the inn to tackle the day in front of them. 

Heading into the city, Dar'Jee locates the Hunter's Rest, a marksman retreat where he's able to purchase poison arrows. While that's happening, the rest of the party searches for the locksmith in town. They arrive at the house the Orc guard from the night before told them about, finding it to be in a state of disarray. After approaching the dwelling through the overgrown grass and pushing inside, they find a pile of remains that have been rotting for some time. A terrible stench greets them and, deciding it was too much for them, they decided to leave for their main quest.

While leaving, they run into Molg Gro-Shargash, the orc guard from the night before. They inform him of what they found and he is surprised at the death of Tahnny the Tinker, although not upset. Unhappily, he agrees to take the news to the Mayor while the party continues on their journey. Without another word, they leave through the east gate and continue towards Kerbol's Hollow.

They follow the river and eventually start drawing away from it, as they progress further into the mountains. Luckily it is summer, and the weather is fine. When they are almost upon the bridge that would take them towards Kerbol's Hollow, they spot an elven ruins sitting on the hills. They decide to take a chance and walk through the woods and to the ruins. They find it's actually sitting on an extremely large lake, easily double the size of the ruins. It is surrounded by large, stone walls and towers stand at each corner. 

Pushing through the front doors, they encounter a group of skeletons in the towers. With caution, most of the party moves towards the west tower and begin clearing the threat. With gusto, Dar'Jee breaks through the east tower and systematically destroys the skeletons. After the threat has passed, the party searches the two towers and find two magical items. One is a silver ruby ring of Stamina. This goes to Dar'Jee. The other is a set of blackened leather armor of health. This goes to Rufia. They regroup in front of the front gate and decide what their next action will be. 


Dillan Dillan

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