Session 1
Bandits Attack!

We open on High Rock, in the Breton capital city of Wayrest. Having already encountered one another during their travels, the party makes their way to the marketplace square in the center of the city. People shout and haggle prices and on this hot, summer day, dust is heavy in the air. 

The party choose to head straight to the Castle, heavily watched by members of the Lion Guard. They make their way to the queue of visitors, and after a brief encounter with two unfriendly men, they enter the Steward's office. He quickly relays that Ignar Red-Mane and his group are to be returned here, dead or alive. 

The party departs after learning that Ignar was last seen heading east to Evermore. After a stop at the marketplace and an encounter with a brute of a blacksmith, they leave High Rock and follow the river east, towards Evermore and the mountains beyond. 

Before they are able to rest for the evening, they are ambushed by a group of five bandits, possibly from the nearby Weeping Giant fortress which has crumbled to disrepair. A fight ensued, where Dar'Jee the Wanderer was wounded grievously by an arrow to the chest. Luckily, the quick healing of Rufio let Dar'Jee rejoin the fight. After a flurry of blows, many fire arrows, and an array of illusion, all but one bandit was defeated. The last escaped, leaving a trail of blood behind. 

The party looted the bandit bodies to find a silver canister with a locked cap and a silver locket. Although the tube would not open, the locket contained a velum note inside which read: Baron

The party decides to rest for the night, taking shifts to watch for any dangers. They reach dayfall with no events and proceed to Evermore. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they reach the city by dark and are approached by an Orc guard. 

He answers the Party's questions about the bandits they had encountered and suggests speaking to to the Mayor of Evermore about a reward. They depart, with Rufio and Dra'Jhad going to see the mayor, and Dar'Jee and Tørben heading their own way.

Rufio and Dra'Jhad meet the mayor and learn the bandits they slew were banished from the city to die. He proffers twenty-five gold for the sack of heads Dra'Jhad throws at his feet, which the two grudgingly accept. 

Meanwhile, Dar'Jee wanders the city and searches for edible plants. He encounters few, but those he does find are lost into his maw almost immediately. Eventually, he is accosted by the city guard and makes his way to the tavern in town where Tørben is waiting. 

The first to enter the tavern, Tørben takes a seat and is ignored by the beautiful male Breton behind the bar. After a few minutes, a young Dark Elf waitress brings him a drink in exchange for coin. Almost habitually, Tørben complains about the drink and is confronted by the Breton from earlier. After nearly avoiding a fight, he steals an ornate spigot, knocking his drink over in the process. Somehow, Tørben manages to talk his way out of another fight, just as the three remaining party members enter the tavern. 

They order drinks from the well built and strong wife of the earlier Breton, also arranging rooms for the night. The party ask about Ignar, but when she asks for gold, they do not press her. Instead, they head up to their single room to sleep for the night. While sleeping, they feel themselves growing stronger from their recent accomplishments. 

Session 2
Back on the road!

After resting for the evening at the local Anchor's Point tavern, or in the Bjoulsae river in the case of Dar'Jee, the party awakens rested on the second day of their adventure. The party reunites in the taproom of the inn, where Andrew, the bartender from the the night before, informs them that he does indeed have info of Ignar Red-Mane. He informs the party that they are heading east towards Kerbol's Hollow, in the guise of guards for a traveling merchant. In exchange for the information, he asks the party to investigate the strange disappearances happening in the Hollow. The party agrees, leaving the inn to tackle the day in front of them. 

Heading into the city, Dar'Jee locates the Hunter's Rest, a marksman retreat where he's able to purchase poison arrows. While that's happening, the rest of the party searches for the locksmith in town. They arrive at the house the Orc guard from the night before told them about, finding it to be in a state of disarray. After approaching the dwelling through the overgrown grass and pushing inside, they find a pile of remains that have been rotting for some time. A terrible stench greets them and, deciding it was too much for them, they decided to leave for their main quest.

While leaving, they run into Molg Gro-Shargash, the orc guard from the night before. They inform him of what they found and he is surprised at the death of Tahnny the Tinker, although not upset. Unhappily, he agrees to take the news to the Mayor while the party continues on their journey. Without another word, they leave through the east gate and continue towards Kerbol's Hollow.

They follow the river and eventually start drawing away from it, as they progress further into the mountains. Luckily it is summer, and the weather is fine. When they are almost upon the bridge that would take them towards Kerbol's Hollow, they spot an elven ruins sitting on the hills. They decide to take a chance and walk through the woods and to the ruins. They find it's actually sitting on an extremely large lake, easily double the size of the ruins. It is surrounded by large, stone walls and towers stand at each corner. 

Pushing through the front doors, they encounter a group of skeletons in the towers. With caution, most of the party moves towards the west tower and begin clearing the threat. With gusto, Dar'Jee breaks through the east tower and systematically destroys the skeletons. After the threat has passed, the party searches the two towers and find two magical items. One is a silver ruby ring of Stamina. This goes to Dar'Jee. The other is a set of blackened leather armor of health. This goes to Rufia. They regroup in front of the front gate and decide what their next action will be. 

Session 3
Entry through the Ruins!

With the bones of ancient skeletons standing around them, the party decides to move farther into the elven ruins. They approach a stone fortress on the other side of a courtyard and forcefully make their way inside, kicking the door open. They surprise a group of bandits who are using the ruins for a base. After an interesting battle, where a rabid man tackles and tries to consume Rufia, the party emerges victorious. They hear a large creature of sorts in a back room and decide that maybe the ruins aren't really what they were looking for. They leave the way they came in and travel back to the main road.

Not long after, they emerge on the edge of the entrance to the village of Kerbol's Hollow. A bridge leads across to a cave, with a smoky fire burning near there. To their left, a path follows a cliff side trail along a creek. They see a waterfall at the beginning of the creek, and know this is a passageway into The Hollow, without passing the guards. With the help of Dar'Jee, they make their way to the waterfall and find an underground passageway. It's flooded with water, so they swim through and emerge in a cave. 

The cave is huge, with a rickety rope bridge spanning a chasm easily fifty meters across. Below, the creek from earlier flows swiftly before disappearing into the cliffs. The party gingerly makes their way across the bridge and find a crumbling, stone building on the opposite side. They follow a small staircase up to a wooden door. Dra'Jhad is able to hear rattling on th other side and they prepare themselves for battle. 

In a battle where the skeletons outnumber the party, they push through the odds and manage to emerge victorious. Both mages and melee fall to their wrath and, once done, they find the old barracks room they had entered is actually part of an old tower. They find a map of the Hollow in one of the chests in the room, although it is crude and not well marked. Peeking outside the tower, they see the the valley of the Hollow is bathed in night, with a village visible in the distance. Deciding to rest, they keep guard and will make the trek to the village in the daylight. 

Session 4
Kerbol's Hollow!

After an uneventful night, the party is rested and ready to tackle the journey ahead of them. Descending the stone tower where they emerged from, they make their way towards where they saw Kerbol's Hollow. They enter the first shortly, following trails carved out by man, mer, and beast. After about a half hour of walking, the party is almost ambushed by a group of extremely large wolves that are common in the area. Luckily, due to Dra'Jhad's handy magic skills, they're able to spot the wolves and prepare themselves for the battle. 

Even with their preparedness, the wolves give them a tough fight. Outnumbered, the party attempts uses their magic and combat skills to turn the wolves against one another, and then wipe up any remnants. Although almost everyone is hurt by the huge, Warg-like beasts, they emerge victorious. Taking a few canines for trophies, they leave the rest of the bodies and continue on towards Kerbol's Hollow. 

Another hour or two walk through the Beech trees and underbrush take them to Kerbol's Hollow. It's a small village, with maybe thirty residential houses. The party walks to the town center, a circular plaza with a water well in the center. Deciding to take care of business first, they visit the general store, blacksmith, and the resident mage. While visiting the orc blacksmith, they learn that Guy Falbert would gladly pay the party for the location of the wolves they had slain. The town hunter, he could use the meat and pelts. The party decides to save this option for later and visits the magi. 

Upon entering the shop, they are confronted rather abruptly by the high elf mage, Lucilious Lamolos. After affirming they aren't with the Mage's Guild, he agrees to help and they purchase the spells they need for their journey. Rufia, being short of gold, makes a deal. As long as she agrees to return a package to Lucilious' retainer in Evermore, he'll make a deal for a couple of spell tomes for cheap. She agrees, the party already bound to return through Evermore after dealing with Ignar Red-Mane.

They make their way to the Weary Traveler and negotiate the two open rooms for the night. After a hot meal, the party rests well and awakens early the next morning. A second hot meal and a quick conversation later, they're heading off to see the mayor of the city, Claude Wickheart. It's not hard to find him in the largest house in the Hollow, placed up against the stone cliffs. 

The party arrives and is confronted by the guards at the gate. They're able to boast their way through the front gates and walk through the garden and to the door. A portly manservant greets them and takes them into a waiting parlor. Not long after, they're escorted to the Mayor's audience room. He sits behind an ornate desk, hunting trophies adorning the walls. Mayor Wickheart welcomes to the party and, wasting no time, the party confronts them about the disappearances.

Talks ensue, where the mayor informs the party that no one had been reported missing that couldn't be accounted for. He discredits the original claims and instead directs the party towards the South Caves, near the entrance to the Hollow, where they may find Ignar Red-Mane. Although the Mayor and the guards haven't seen Ignar, they suspect the caves may be a good hiding place. The party leaves soon after, leaving for the south caves. 

It only takes a few hours before the party arrives at the caves. A thorough search reveals a cave that shows signs of recent occupation. Dra'Jhad sneaks in to scout ahead and comes upon Ignar Red-Mane and two of his crew. Wasting no time, he shouts to get Ignar's attention, then casts a strong fury upon the minds of Ignar's allies. Before they can make a move against their leader, Ignar advances and plunges his steel battleax through Dra'Jhad's chest. He falls to the floor unconscious, severely wounded. 

The rest of the party rushes in and a fight breaks out. Dra'Jhad is able to regain consciousness, and Rufia heals him of his ailments. When Ignar sees the fight will be lost, he pleads for mercy and asks for the party's help. He claims one of their own party members had been kidnapped and was only the latest in a string of kidnappings plaguing the Hollow. Admitting they had done wrong along the way, he claims their intentions were pure. 

The party is not impressed and before they can finish him off, he is decapitated by his ally. After a struggle, the party is able to take down the two remaining members of Ignar's crew. They take their heads and loot their corpses, finding a vellum contract with a wax seal. Opening the letter, they find it reaffirms Ignar's words from earlier, and also lets them know the name of the missing crew member: Svanna Bear-Slayer. With that done, the party rallies themselves to find the last bandit, whether to kill or save, they are unsure. 

Module 1
Welcome to the new Age

Our original party leaves the city of Kerbol's Hollow after completing their task. Jubilant with surviving the werewolf attack, they let their guard down on the journey home. Halfway there, the party is ambushed at first by the sole survivor of the first bandit attack. A battle commences, and the party feel confident in their new abilities. Little do they know, the bandit has also been getting ready. 

An entire squadron of bandits, nearly twenty men, descend upon the party. While fighting for their lives, three of our friends fall at the hands of the bandits. The sole survivor, Dra'Jhad the Khajiit, is able to flee south and begins a long run away from the bandits who are determined to bring his body back to hang. He's finally able to slip their trail, for now, by hiding in the dingiest portion of the southernmost port of High Rock; Daggerfall. 

With the constant threat of discovery around him, Dra'Jhad one night overhears a Bosmer named Lidell speaking with a strong Nord warrior. After the original conversation goes south and the Nord storms away, Dra'Jhad approaches and inquires about the task. He learns that Lidell aims to enter Coldharbour and reclaim the soul of his lost love. Although he says that there is a high chance they'll never return, the 40,000 gold offered as a reward is more than enough for Dra'Jhad.

They gather the rest of their crew, a Breton named Rowley and an Altmer named Kornnil. Rowley is a pirest of Arkay and would be the only other person joining Dra'Jhad and Lidell to Coldharbour. Kornnil is the navigator to what they expect to find deep in the Abecean Sea: a swirling vortex in the sea which leads to the plane of Coldharbour. 

A swift journey and they arrive at their destination, having to pass through an arcane storm beyond measure to reach their goal. When they arrive, the sea is calm all the way up to the swirling whirlpool. Kornnil wishes them luck and Dra'Jhad, Lidell, and Rowley set out in a rowboat to the portal. Soon, the current takes them and swallows them whole. The last thought they have is the cold darkness of the waters. 

The three then awake on a strange beach. The beach is made of pebbles which are brown, black, and rough. Muck oozes between them, sticky and slimy. The water that laps at their feet, washing pieces of their rowboat onto the shore, is brackish and dark. When they turn their attention to the sky, they see huge waves of fire and clouds. Similar to a lava flow through the sky. With a sense of terror amongst them, the three know they've reached Coldharbour successfully. 

Unexpectedly, two strong souls who haven't yet lost their form see the three figures and their craft suddenly appear on the beach, out of thin air. After a tense moment, the two groups approach one another and we learn these two souls are new relative new comers to the island. One is a Redguard named Jethro and the other an Orc named Borkat. A small talk begins and the souls are eventually added to Lidell's party, where he hints that he may be able to return them to Tamriel.

They set off for the closest town, whose borders can be seen from the road above the beach. It goes by Ka'Say'ator, and upon entering, they find a bizarre sight. Instead of the torture Lidell expects, it seems this town continues life after death, with the soul figures maintaining their material realm lives. The party heads to the closest bar in the Threshold District of the city, and chats up the barkeep. They learn life goes on here, but the island is devastated every so many years by natural disasters. They also learn that the island is due for one of these events here soon. 

While talking, they're approached by a weathered Redguard who claims to have been on this island for at least ten lifetimes. He explains at the end of life, the soul is reborn again, possibly weaker if one's will isn't strong. He informs them that if they wish to find the most previous and tortured souls, they'll need to go to the fort to the south of the island: The Edge. This is where it's rumored that a single Sload, a sluglike creature that comes from islands west of Tamriel, rules the island in liue of Molag-Bal. 

Accepting this, the party heads east along the main road towards the capital city of Riverhold. From there, they can head south to The Edge and confront the Sload. Not long after they leave the town, they encounter the Lonely River. Wide and swift, a single covered bridge looks to have served as the single crossing point. As they draw closer, the party then realize the bridge has collapsed, leaving only the shell on each side of the river. 

Needing to cross, the party attempts to swim. The soul forms move across the water first without harm. When the physical form of Lidell tries to enter the water, he finds that the river water seems to disintegrate the very clothing from his body. It's confirmed this is the case with another test, and the party rigs up a rope system to link the two bridges. Ferrying the gear across, the live members of the party are left naked to swim across the river. All do so successfully, except for Lidell, who takes a mouthful of the water as he crosses. 

HIs body falls limp and begins to sink, as Jethro jumps in to saves the Bosmer. With the help of the others, he's able to take the corpse back to land. Unfortunately, it seems the water did more if consumed and Lidell is knocked unconscious. The party waits and he slowly comes around, but isn't able to form words. Deciding that Riverhold might be the best way to leave Coldharbour now that their mission had been jeopardized by the loss of Lidell, the party sets off towards the forest that separates the east and west of the island. 

The Leaving

With Liddell turned into little more than a vegetable, the party is desperate to leave the plane of Coldharbour behind. Traveling to the town of Riverhold, they're able to find an inn and plan on asking some questions to find the best way out. They go inside to find the incorporeal residents shocked to see the still-living amongst them. They speak with the bartender, who explains that the fleshy haven't walked this plane for a long time. Not since an early band of heroes long ago had entered the land, traveled south to The Edge lands, and were never seen from again.

They also hear from a cutthroat soul who has said they've spent over ten lifetimes on the cursed island. After the party expresses surprise and curiosity, the old soul let's them know of the islands underlying misery. Roughly each generation, the large mountain in the north explodes and the island is covered in molten rock and ash. The people experience this all with no way to escape and since they are already dead, they live through the pain. In the end, the island is reset and the souls begin as if they had just arrived. It's a perpetual cycle that is described as equal to physical torture.


With the knowledge of the party and the true purpose of the island, they intend to set off to the land of The Edge, where it's said a large fort stands. Within, the champion of this realm which may be the key to returning to Mundus.  Before they leave, they rest and by the end, Liddell seems to be closer to his old self. He expresses that he also seeks the champion of this realm, hoping that he will have some knowledge of his darling's whereabouts. 


The party then heads south, towards the swamp region on the island. There journey is uneventful until they arrive at the edge of a large, stone fort. It sits on the shore of a brackish lake, seemingly extending over the still water. Surrounding the outside are daedric humanoids clad in armor, couples with a mixture of Scamps and Clanfear.  Quickly discussing a full frontal attack, the party rushes in. With the assistance of Rowley, the other hired hand, and Liddel, the party is able to slay the entire horde in a fury of weapons, spells, and arrows.


Together, each one takes what loot they can find and proceed in through the front doors of the fort. They immediately find themselves in an entry common room and must take down another grouping of daedra guards. They're interrupted by another pair from an adjacent hallway and although the party struggles, they slay the entire mass. They then proceed through a series of trapped hallways and more rooms filled with daedric summoners to locate the twin double doors leading to a courtyard in the middle of the fort. After Dra'Jhad the Khajiit Mystic learns of a great evil presnce inside, they take a few moments before breaching the doors.

A Warm Welcome

The party quickly makes their way down the switchback path that leads out of and away from the Vampire's cave-lair. They walked down the mountain and, before the snow disappeared completely, they found a hollowed portion of the mountain. Sitting within the recessed area are two large frost strolls, one disfigured with a massively muscular arm that was larger. Thinking quickly, Dra'Jhad immediately paralyzes the two trolls. Managing to overpower their beastly aggression, the party slips past and continues down the path until safe. 

Soon, they find themselves just outside the main gates of Falkreath. With Jethro now turned Vampire after the encounter with Molag Bal and his mace, they're hesitant entering the city. The sun hasn't come up fully and the mountains and fog that covers the town helps them decide. 0They walk in and are able to casually make their way to the Last Stop Inn. After negotiating the two empty rooms and some extra beds, most of the party settles in for the night. Unable to rest, Jethro spends his first restless night amongst the living dead. 

In the morning, they learn that Vampires have been threatening Falkreath Hold for a couple of moons. People had been disappearing from their homes in the night and travelers were known to have been attacked. They party informs the barkeep that the vampires have likely been taken care of when the party arrived in the mountains. Surprised, the bartender suggested visiting Jarl Bjeld the Third. Dra'Jhad and Rowley decide to do just that, while Jethro and Borkalt stay at the inn to speak further with Falk.

Dra'Jhad leads the conversation with Jarl Bjeld the Third, who refers to himself as King BJeld. He explains the party has done a great service and offers them gold. He also hints that there could be other work for strong individuals, then explains that there are bandits currently ambushing caravans and travellers on the Pale Pass. Led by a dangerous bandit leader, the bandits have eluded capture so far. It's also rumored the caravans and luggage have been left behind. Only the people are disappearing. Dra'Jhad offers to help and then leaves to finish his shopping needs before returning to the party.

While this is happening, Borkalt and Jethro chat up the barkeep's wife Aleaya and learn of the bandit attack in a slightly different light. Although they also learn of the bandit attack, it's revealed the bandit  leader is actually Vlor Trollblood. He's reputed to be an eight foot tall, half-giant monster of a man that's rumored to tear men apart with is bare hands. After learning of this, Borkalt and Jethro decide to leave the inn to find the other half of the party, intending to let them know of this new twist in their story. Before leaving, they also learn of Vesilious, an Imperial from the Imperial City. He is the only known survivor of Vlor and is currently staking in one of the rooms at the Last Stop Inn.

With their new knowledge in hand, Borkalt and Jethro step out of the inn and onto the street. They're just in time to catch the tail end of the other two walking into a building down the street from the Jarl's place. Following, they walk in to find Dra'Jhad dealing in magical equipment with an Altmer mage. Surprised to see the other out, they take this opprotunity to ask about cures for vampirism. Although the mage doesn't know, he does suggest heading to the main college in Winterhold if they're interested in learning more. He also adds that they may be able to speak to the resident Priest of Arkay to learn more.

They do a little more shopping and then head to see the priest at the Hall of the Dead. They enter after leaving Jethro in the yard to find an older Nord by the name of Gorgund. After they explain their situation, he says he does know of an ancient potion that might help. He tells the party of Jerral Root that grows in the mountains in The Reach. If the were to find some, he'd be able to preform the ritual that could cure Jethro of vampirism. Thanking the priest and letting him know they'd return, they leave and head back to the inn to decide what to do.

They are now ready to either head north towards Marcarth and The Reach, or head towards Helgen and the Pale Pass. 

A New Face!

After discussing the vampire situation with Jethro and deciding that he'd like to keep his undead powers for a little longer, the party chooses to take care of the bandits in the Pale Pass first. They make one quick stop at the general store to pick up some goods and then depart Falkreath.  As they're just leaving, Rowley decides that he'll head back to his family in Highrock and bids the party to visit if they're ever in Wayrest. Then, they head Northeast, following the road that leads towards Helgen and the crossroads. Before they're too far out of town, they spot a figure walking towards them.

The figure is badly shaken up, although not hurt terribly. As they draw closer, the part can see it's a female Breton near thirty years with long, curly, black hair. When she draws close enough for conversation, the party hails her and asks of her ailments. A quick conversation ensues where she explains her immediate past, leading up to when she was ambushed by bandits in the pass between Cyrodiil and Skyrim. 

Surprised, the party informs her that the pass and said bandits are their final destination. Although hesitant at first, the new comer who they learn is named Alluria, decides to lead them to where she was ambushed. They follow her and the road for most of the day before appearing at the base of the mountains. Knowing time is of the essence, they make their way into the pass. 

Before long, Jethro stops the party after sensing something ahead. Assuming correctly it's the bandits, they call out their leader; Vlor Trollblood. After a few moments, a roar of anger can be heard and a large group of bandits, including Vlor, drop from the mountains on either side of them. The group is outnumbered, but they've faced worse odds before. 

They rush into battle and Jethro takes the lead, his heavy armor and spear taking many lives in the process. Alluria, hesitant at first, tackles those at range with her aggressive bolts of lightning. Dra'Jhad remains in the back, like usual, altering the minds of the enemy while also buffing the members of the party. Lastly, Borkalt stands against Vlor Trollblood himself. Both Orc and half-giant Nord stand over eight feet tall. The battle that commences between them is violent and in the end, only Borkalt stands.

Just as the battle is winding down and all but the smallest threats have been eliminated, the party hears rumbling from deeper within the pass. This begins increasing in volume and they can soon makeout heavy footsteps shaking the walls of the pass. Animalistic grunts and roars join the cacaphony while the party now waits to see their next foes.

A Battle Almost Lost

After slaying Vlor Trollblood and his ilk, the party hear rumbling footsteps in the distance. Preparing themselves for the worst, they wait as the footsteps grow closer, shaking the very mountain. From the other side of the pass, a robed Dunmer with long, black hair steps forward before being flanked by his followers; bandits leading trolls, one armored, and a mountain giant wih a massive club. Then he speaks, his voice carrying and echoing along the walls of the mountain pass.

He calls out the party and lets them know that they have two options. Either relinquish control of the Mace of Molag Bal, which he knows they carry, or perish. Borkalt the Inebriated, the current champion of the mace, takes only a second before declining the offer. The party ready themselves for battle instantly and the Dunmer cries out for his entourage to attack. While they do so, he remains at the far side of the pass, watching and waiting.

The bandits release chains that were holding the trolls in check and the two frost trolls rush the party, heading straight for Jethro in the front. The bandits then advance, keeping a distance and using their long spears to prod the trolls into position. Luckily, Borkalt advances and meets one of the trolls in combat. Using their spells, Alluria and Dra'Jhad remain at a distance, shocking and controlling the enemies respectively.

With a nod from the dark elf, the giant approaches and the sway of the battle changes. In a few rounds, Borkalt is brought to the brink of death and Jethro in knocked unconscious. Managing to pull himself back into the world, Jethro regains his feet quickly. It has only been a few moments, but the party realize that they may not be prepared for the challenge this strange Dunmer had brought. Thinking quickly, Dra'Jhad raises his hand a green, thin line of paralyzing force lances out and holds the Giant mid-strike. 

Then the party runs, thinking their only hope is distance between themselves and this giant. The Dunmer takes ths moment to approach a few paces and, with the wave of a hand, dispels the magic which holds the giant in place. Jethro, being the slowest of the group, is now in great danger as the giant begins sprinting after him. Fear lances through them all when the giant draws within a few feet of Jethro's form. Before he can strike, a mysterious group of archers appear on the mountains above and assault both the Dunmer and the giant. 

At the same time, Borkalt has sprinted as quickly as he can away from the battle and sees a figure running towards him through the pass. It's a tall, Altmer with long, platinum blonde hair that reaches past her waist trailing out behind her. She's clothed in pure white robes, unadorned with any specific features or hoods. He continues running forward without fear and when she is within reach, her hands brushes Borkalt gently.  Alluria is close behind Borkalt and notices the stranger touch Borkalt and then continue running past them both.

Right before the Dunmer is out of sight, Jethro glances behind him to see the robed form struck with multiple arrows, although many seem to have bounced off his form. His angry vocal chants just barely reach Jethro's ears, as well as the sound of tearing as a portal is opened right behind the Dunmer. Having retrieved the Mace of Molag Bal, the Dunmer steps within just as Jethro steps out of sight and farther into the portal. Before he does, he swears he can see the quick-aged form of Liddell standing within the portal, hand on the shoulder of the strange Dunmer.

After this scene, the Altmer continues forward and stops the two other halves of the party, Jethro and Dra'Jhad. They choose to stop and listen and learn that the archers who attacked and drove back the other, and killed the giant eventually, were under her command. Speaking quickly, she informs them that she's been following them since they returned to this world from wherever they had been. Although she doesn't go into details, she informs them that her group, the Council of Red Mountain, had been searching out the artifacts of the Daedric Princes. Although saddened at the loss of the Mace, she tells the party not to despair and offers to explain some details to them.

They agree and she introduces herself. She is Nalssarre, the Archmage of Skyrim's College of Winterhold. With few more words and promises of future forays into the College, they depart to meet up with the group of Archers from earlier. While they walk towards the dead, Borkalt and Alluria continue away from the original battleground.

Those Who Remain

The party eventually is able to come back together after grabbing Borkalt and Alluria from farther down the Pale pass. With Nelssarre by their side, they have a quick discussion and decide to stop by the town of Helgen to the south for the evening before heading back to the Pale Pass the next day. Not long after doing so, they're confronted by the group of archers, led by a fierce looking Breton  with thick robes and thick, brown hair swept back from her face. Not stopping to address the party at all, she shouts at Nelssarre to let her know that her debt is paid and that the next time they meet, only one of them would be walking away. 

After that, she turns and walks away with the rest of her group of archers. Confused, the party learns from Nelssarre that this is Viene Morque. She's the leader of a group of marksmen in Skyrim that do good deeds for hire named the Fletchlings. Although she doesn't go into much detail, Nelssarre does hint that she expected this reply when she called upon her and her allies for help. 

Making their way back to Helgen, the party stays for the evening, taking time to complete a few tasks around town. When finished, Nelssarre suggests checking out the remains and the caravan that had just recently been ambushed. The party agrees and after spending the first part of the morning walking back up the mountains to the Pale Pass, they find two broken carriages and a smattering of goods. Not far from that point, a set of giant tracks leads to a large cave partially concealed by the mountains.

Cautiously, the party plus Nelssarre tread their way into the cave, Dra'Jhad keeping an eye out with his Detect Life spell. The cave is a huge, circular chamber with only one room. It's broken up by 12 feet tall fences on the left hand side, behind which multiple life forces can be detected. Playing it safe, it's decided that they should loot the chamber first and then check on whatever's behind the fences.

Doing just that, they search the only place in the cave that isn't rock. A table, a bed, a chest, and a smattering or tools are splayed out on stacked, wooden pallets. In addition to the claims of battle, they find a note in Daedric script which they can barely make out. Other than the date of 20th of Frostfall, not but two days from the current day, they also make out the word 'Sacrifices'. 

Realizing what the life presences in the room must be, they call out to those behind the fences. A conversation follows with caution heavy on both sides. Eventually, the party agrees to use the key they found to open to fence and allow the survivors to escape. Inside, they find almost fifteen individuals, with three injured severely and the rest mostly just rough around the edges. Standing in the front of the group are an Old Nord in robes with greasy grey and black hair hanging in her face. The other is a burly Bosmer. 

Assuring everyone that the party is here to help, they learn the old, Nord is Malithia, a merchant from Markarth who was returning from Cyrodiil when they were ambushed. The Bosmer is Willem, a traveling sell-sword who was hired on by the latest caravan. He's the only survivor of any of the guards. These two seem to be acting as leaders for the rest of the captives, doing their best to raise spirits and help those who need it. 

Knowing what they must do, the party agrees to escort the captives back to Helgen where they can be helped. It takes up most of the rest of the day as they attempt to slowly help these malnourished ex-prisoners down the mountain and to the snowy town of Helgen. Once they arrive, the captain of the guard is called and begins giving orders to shelter those who need it. He also calls the party over, thanking them for their help and suggesting them to speak to the High Thane, Brynn Rock-Leg. 

They do just that, learning that he's the appointed leader here in Helgen. He thanks the party stoically and offers a reward of gold, plus rings of the Hold which show great service and a debt unpaid. They then quickly depart safter learning that the angry mayor of the town is coming to confront the High Thane. While they're leaving, they watch as the Mayor shrilly screams at a guard outside the keep about why he wasn't the first informed of the refugee situation.

With their next steps more open, they take a few days to just take care of business. In addition to stopping by the local stores for goods and services, they also stop by the blacksmith. They meet Urimog Gro'Baragakh, an Orc who had shaped metal in most of the capital cities in Skyrim. He quickly agrees to make new war axes for Borkalt. When that's finished, Jethro approaches and asks if he could somehow create a trident out of his short spear. Although he thinks deeply about it, Urimog agrees. Within three days, the new weapon is forged; a silver spear with two prongs forged from a self-created Daedric ore.

Happy, the party decides to depart to Markarth. In addition to being the nearest location to the root needed to cure Jethro's Vampirism, it's also the proclaimed home of one of the best conjurers in Skyrim. Alluria also has the hopes of family in the city. It's for these reasons they decide to leave to the city of Markarth. 

Nelssarre, still with them, decides it's time to take leave of the party. She bids them farewell and suggests visiting Winterhold to see her again. She also explains she has agents in Markarth and Dawnstar if they'd like to help with her quest to find the Daedric artifacts. They make their leave but find replacement companions in Malithia and Willem, who were planning on traveling to Markarth together. They instead leave with the party and they all depart westward towards Falkreath, eventually Markarth. 


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