Session 1
Bandits Attack!

We open on High Rock, in the Breton capital city of Wayrest. Having already encountered one another during their travels, the party makes their way to the marketplace square in the center of the city. People shout and haggle prices and on this hot, summer day, dust is heavy in the air. 

The party choose to head straight to the Castle, heavily watched by members of the Lion Guard. They make their way to the queue of visitors, and after a brief encounter with two unfriendly men, they enter the Steward's office. He quickly relays that Ignar Red-Mane and his group are to be returned here, dead or alive. 

The party departs after learning that Ignar was last seen heading east to Evermore. After a stop at the marketplace and an encounter with a brute of a blacksmith, they leave High Rock and follow the river east, towards Evermore and the mountains beyond. 

Before they are able to rest for the evening, they are ambushed by a group of five bandits, possibly from the nearby Weeping Giant fortress which has crumbled to disrepair. A fight ensued, where Dar'Jee the Wanderer was wounded grievously by an arrow to the chest. Luckily, the quick healing of Rufio let Dar'Jee rejoin the fight. After a flurry of blows, many fire arrows, and an array of illusion, all but one bandit was defeated. The last escaped, leaving a trail of blood behind. 

The party looted the bandit bodies to find a silver canister with a locked cap and a silver locket. Although the tube would not open, the locket contained a velum note inside which read: Baron

The party decides to rest for the night, taking shifts to watch for any dangers. They reach dayfall with no events and proceed to Evermore. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they reach the city by dark and are approached by an Orc guard. 

He answers the Party's questions about the bandits they had encountered and suggests speaking to to the Mayor of Evermore about a reward. They depart, with Rufio and Dra'Jhad going to see the mayor, and Dar'Jee and Tørben heading their own way.

Rufio and Dra'Jhad meet the mayor and learn the bandits they slew were banished from the city to die. He proffers twenty-five gold for the sack of heads Dra'Jhad throws at his feet, which the two grudgingly accept. 

Meanwhile, Dar'Jee wanders the city and searches for edible plants. He encounters few, but those he does find are lost into his maw almost immediately. Eventually, he is accosted by the city guard and makes his way to the tavern in town where Tørben is waiting. 

The first to enter the tavern, Tørben takes a seat and is ignored by the beautiful male Breton behind the bar. After a few minutes, a young Dark Elf waitress brings him a drink in exchange for coin. Almost habitually, Tørben complains about the drink and is confronted by the Breton from earlier. After nearly avoiding a fight, he steals an ornate spigot, knocking his drink over in the process. Somehow, Tørben manages to talk his way out of another fight, just as the three remaining party members enter the tavern. 

They order drinks from the well built and strong wife of the earlier Breton, also arranging rooms for the night. The party ask about Ignar, but when she asks for gold, they do not press her. Instead, they head up to their single room to sleep for the night. While sleeping, they feel themselves growing stronger from their recent accomplishments. 


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