Borkalt the Inebriated

8ft tall, savage build, penchant for the whiskey.



Level 4, Orc

58 Health | 80 Stamina | 00 Magicka
6 Speed | 11 Dodge
DR: 8
MR: 8


Dwarven War Axe (+4, 18 power, 15 base power, 2d4, 16 stam) Iron Round Shield(11 DR, 7 base dr)

Spells and Powers +4d one handed and thrown and 2 handed. Beserk! Once/day/battle move action +25% more damage all weapons -25% dam all sources ends at end of encounter and remove hindering effects when activated

Healing (2nd, 20 magicka, 16+4 power, single, touch, 2d6)
Searing Light (1st, 2 hit, 44 power, 3m, single, 1d8)

Perks and Abilities +1 hit 1 handed, DR +2 shield block and DR + weapon

Apprentice Smithing (Utility Smith, recycle)
Novice Blocking (Bash)
apprentice One Handed (Precision Strikes, axe wielder): incapacitate with power attack, make basic attack against enemy w/in melee range, Kick, Brawler, swift striking)

Equipment and Loot

Iron Dagger
Iron War Axe
Hide Shield
Torch x 3
Ration x 3
lockpick x 1
common clothing
back pack
dwarven war axe ( 18 p, 2d4, 15 stam, 15 BP, $175
Mail Armor
Iron Round Shield
$335 wealth



Borkalt the Inebriated

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