The Leaving

With Liddell turned into little more than a vegetable, the party is desperate to leave the plane of Coldharbour behind. Traveling to the town of Riverhold, they're able to find an inn and plan on asking some questions to find the best way out. They go inside to find the incorporeal residents shocked to see the still-living amongst them. They speak with the bartender, who explains that the fleshy haven't walked this plane for a long time. Not since an early band of heroes long ago had entered the land, traveled south to The Edge lands, and were never seen from again.

They also hear from a cutthroat soul who has said they've spent over ten lifetimes on the cursed island. After the party expresses surprise and curiosity, the old soul let's them know of the islands underlying misery. Roughly each generation, the large mountain in the north explodes and the island is covered in molten rock and ash. The people experience this all with no way to escape and since they are already dead, they live through the pain. In the end, the island is reset and the souls begin as if they had just arrived. It's a perpetual cycle that is described as equal to physical torture.


With the knowledge of the party and the true purpose of the island, they intend to set off to the land of The Edge, where it's said a large fort stands. Within, the champion of this realm which may be the key to returning to Mundus.  Before they leave, they rest and by the end, Liddell seems to be closer to his old self. He expresses that he also seeks the champion of this realm, hoping that he will have some knowledge of his darling's whereabouts. 


The party then heads south, towards the swamp region on the island. There journey is uneventful until they arrive at the edge of a large, stone fort. It sits on the shore of a brackish lake, seemingly extending over the still water. Surrounding the outside are daedric humanoids clad in armor, couples with a mixture of Scamps and Clanfear.  Quickly discussing a full frontal attack, the party rushes in. With the assistance of Rowley, the other hired hand, and Liddel, the party is able to slay the entire horde in a fury of weapons, spells, and arrows.


Together, each one takes what loot they can find and proceed in through the front doors of the fort. They immediately find themselves in an entry common room and must take down another grouping of daedra guards. They're interrupted by another pair from an adjacent hallway and although the party struggles, they slay the entire mass. They then proceed through a series of trapped hallways and more rooms filled with daedric summoners to locate the twin double doors leading to a courtyard in the middle of the fort. After Dra'Jhad the Khajiit Mystic learns of a great evil presnce inside, they take a few moments before breaching the doors.


Dillan Dillan

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