Preparing in the City

With vigor, the party decides that the cure of Jethro's vampirism is at the top of their list. Now that Cielia has left the night before, they must find a new contact in hopes of learning the location of the Jarrin Root in the area. Jethro takes the lead and speaks with the innkeeper and learns of the branch of the Mage's College located in the old, abandoned building in town. He makes this his first stop and makes a quick stop.

Upon arriving and being shown into the house serving as the local branch of the College, Jethro is introduced to the female Argonian currently heading this branch of the College. Upon learning that Jethro was and still is part of the party that lost the Mace of Molag Bal at the Pale Pass, she decides it's time to explain the full situation. She informs Jethro that their leader Nelssarre, the Altmer mage who helped them at the Pale Pass, had repurposed the College of Winterhold for their purpose. After collecting like-minded individuals together, they founded the Council of Red Mountain, a group dedicated to collecting Daedric, Aedric, and other artifacts of great power. Due to the waking of a Dwemer beast deep within Red Mountain, the Council hopes to repair the broken object used to lull the beast into a slumber. 

She goes on to explain that there is a group opposing them directly that goes by the Children of Stur-Mer, which is the ancient name of the best, or just the Children. Their goal, as far as they understand, is to stop the Council from collecting the artifacts and allowing the beast, Stur-Mer, to awaken from his slumber. Although they don't have the location of the next artifact just yet, she lets Jethro know that if they ever choose to help, the Council would happily accept. 

Taking this knowledge back to the party, Borkalt and Dra'Jhad decide that, for now, they'll continue to focus on the immediate goal of curing Jethro's vampirism. Remembering that they had escorted an elderly Nord and her Bosmer companion partway to Markarth, the party searches out the location of Malithia, who had before let them know of her interest in ancient Dwemer artifacts. Asking around, they're quickly directed to her shop, hidden within the turning pathways of Dryside. 

Upon entering and making themselves known, Malithia happily welcomes the party and calls upon Willem to step up and say hello. With his usual stoicness, he only nods hello before going back to what he was doing. The party makes their needs known and Malithia is happy to help. She directs them to ruins to the north of Markarth that go by the name of Nel Zurathol Dol. Although she hasn't been to the area in almost five years, the rumors say that these ruins once held a great supply of rare herbs and medicines, including Jarrin Root. Although not willing to lead the party all the way to the ruins herself, for there is a supposed bandit presence in the area, Willem agrees guide bring the party to the final stretch that will lead to the ruins. Due to the length of the journey, the party spends the rest of that day preparing for the trip and leave bright and early the next morning. 


Dillan Dillan

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