A Battle Almost Lost

After slaying Vlor Trollblood and his ilk, the party hear rumbling footsteps in the distance. Preparing themselves for the worst, they wait as the footsteps grow closer, shaking the very mountain. From the other side of the pass, a robed Dunmer with long, black hair steps forward before being flanked by his followers; bandits leading trolls, one armored, and a mountain giant wih a massive club. Then he speaks, his voice carrying and echoing along the walls of the mountain pass.

He calls out the party and lets them know that they have two options. Either relinquish control of the Mace of Molag Bal, which he knows they carry, or perish. Borkalt the Inebriated, the current champion of the mace, takes only a second before declining the offer. The party ready themselves for battle instantly and the Dunmer cries out for his entourage to attack. While they do so, he remains at the far side of the pass, watching and waiting.

The bandits release chains that were holding the trolls in check and the two frost trolls rush the party, heading straight for Jethro in the front. The bandits then advance, keeping a distance and using their long spears to prod the trolls into position. Luckily, Borkalt advances and meets one of the trolls in combat. Using their spells, Alluria and Dra'Jhad remain at a distance, shocking and controlling the enemies respectively.

With a nod from the dark elf, the giant approaches and the sway of the battle changes. In a few rounds, Borkalt is brought to the brink of death and Jethro in knocked unconscious. Managing to pull himself back into the world, Jethro regains his feet quickly. It has only been a few moments, but the party realize that they may not be prepared for the challenge this strange Dunmer had brought. Thinking quickly, Dra'Jhad raises his hand a green, thin line of paralyzing force lances out and holds the Giant mid-strike. 

Then the party runs, thinking their only hope is distance between themselves and this giant. The Dunmer takes ths moment to approach a few paces and, with the wave of a hand, dispels the magic which holds the giant in place. Jethro, being the slowest of the group, is now in great danger as the giant begins sprinting after him. Fear lances through them all when the giant draws within a few feet of Jethro's form. Before he can strike, a mysterious group of archers appear on the mountains above and assault both the Dunmer and the giant. 

At the same time, Borkalt has sprinted as quickly as he can away from the battle and sees a figure running towards him through the pass. It's a tall, Altmer with long, platinum blonde hair that reaches past her waist trailing out behind her. She's clothed in pure white robes, unadorned with any specific features or hoods. He continues running forward without fear and when she is within reach, her hands brushes Borkalt gently.  Alluria is close behind Borkalt and notices the stranger touch Borkalt and then continue running past them both.

Right before the Dunmer is out of sight, Jethro glances behind him to see the robed form struck with multiple arrows, although many seem to have bounced off his form. His angry vocal chants just barely reach Jethro's ears, as well as the sound of tearing as a portal is opened right behind the Dunmer. Having retrieved the Mace of Molag Bal, the Dunmer steps within just as Jethro steps out of sight and farther into the portal. Before he does, he swears he can see the quick-aged form of Liddell standing within the portal, hand on the shoulder of the strange Dunmer.

After this scene, the Altmer continues forward and stops the two other halves of the party, Jethro and Dra'Jhad. They choose to stop and listen and learn that the archers who attacked and drove back the other, and killed the giant eventually, were under her command. Speaking quickly, she informs them that she's been following them since they returned to this world from wherever they had been. Although she doesn't go into details, she informs them that her group, the Council of Red Mountain, had been searching out the artifacts of the Daedric Princes. Although saddened at the loss of the Mace, she tells the party not to despair and offers to explain some details to them.

They agree and she introduces herself. She is Nalssarre, the Archmage of Skyrim's College of Winterhold. With few more words and promises of future forays into the College, they depart to meet up with the group of Archers from earlier. While they walk towards the dead, Borkalt and Alluria continue away from the original battleground.


Dillan Dillan

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